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Modern parenting got you pulling your hair out?
You do your best to parent in all the right ways,
but then life happens.

You get stuck in patterns saying and doing things without knowing why.
I call this default parenting, which is comfortable until it doesn’t work. 
Stop wasting energy on outdated strategies and take control of your family’s future.
The trick is mixing just the right amount of support
with the perfect level of expectations.


Discover the top four parenting styles and ‌
trends so you know which style is the…

Best for your child’s development and success over time

Most damaging to
your child and your relationship

Research-based style to keep your relationship healthy and happy

Become a purposeful parent who is…

Able to trust your own instincts

Not vulnerable to fads or peer pressure

Confident about the positive impact choices

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Modern Parenting Styles Guide

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