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I’m a thinker. In fact, thinking is my superpower. There’s nothing I enjoy more than exploring ways to make the world a better place. Often, I think about how to make parenting easier. Get my take on parenting, learning, and life here.

Spoiled Children: A Parent’s Biggest Fear

The worst thing I could’ve imagined was having someone think I ever coddled or spoiled my children. Okay, perhaps this is slightly exaggerated as the “worst” thing, but recently it did happen and I reacted with more emotion than expected.

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The Greatest Gift of All

I heard her first. Annoyed by the crying, I looked over. The little girl appeared to be about five years old with long, jet black hair pulled back with a bow. Her mom held her closely in the seat of the cart while her cries steadily grew louder.


Learning to Do the Hard Things

We are a family who values independence. My daughter jokes about how she and her brother were expected to pack their own lunches in fourth grade. It’s true, though. While I made sure the shelves were filled with things they could easily make, they were responsible for their own lunches.

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How to Master the Art of Listening

As parents, we often feel the pressure to have all the answers. While imparting wisdom can be important, it is worthless if we’re not heard. If we are to parent well, we must improve our ability to listen. Empathic listening is the one practice upon which all parenting successes and...

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How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

As the debate continues over how much screen time kids should be exposed to, many parents in Silicon Valley have taken an extreme position. Not only have they forbade their children any screen time, but they also restrict their children’s nannies.


3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Parent

I have a theory about the popularity of the hit show This is Us. For me, it is a television show that dives deep into the complexities of parenting. Even with the best of intentions, and a whole lotta love, Jack and Rebecca still got a few things wrong. Yes, even...


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