Awesome Apps

Awesome Apps

Here’s a quick list of apps for further insight into kids and parenting!


notes & writing

This notes and prose app is perfect for journaling your favorite stories, or making lists, or whatever you need to write on the fly. I really like how it’s organized by hashtags. #getthisapp

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to-do & organizer

The perfect app to create those “to-do” lists that are so easy to misplace and lose. You can share lists like grocery shopping so no one forgets the bananas. My favorite part of this app is the sound when you check things off!

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One Second Everyday

Video diary

This is my new favorite app! It provides a simple way of recording everyday moments. Some days I actually wake up and plan my one second recording. At the end of each week, month, year, etc. it makes a longer, stop-motion style video comprised of each one second moment.

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Khan Academy

math & learning

If you struggle with supporting your kiddos with math, this is the app for you. There are libraries of step-by-step math problems, solutions, and videos full of examples and explanations. And, it’s free!

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Wolfram Alfa


This is way more than a homework app. This is a life app. I dare you to not get hooked on searching and finding cool things about math, science, culture and life.

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