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Parenting Life Episode 1: Alex’s Take on How to Raise Independent Kids

Alex is my outgoing 23-year-old daughter. If anyone knows anything about our parenting style, it’s our own kids.

You should know that Alex has never been shy, nor does she hold her opinions close. If anything, she’s learning to temper her emotionality with thoughtful reasoning.

Since Alex was little, she has studied people. She watches, thinks, and works to figure out what makes people tick. Her dad and I were not always immune to her ability to use her knowledge of us as a tool to convince us to give in to things we might otherwise say no to.

I don’t remember exactly when, but early in her school years she began talking about wanting to go to college on the east coast. Low and behold, more than a decade later she made that dream come true.

Believe it or not, she talks to some of her friends about her appreciation for many of the parenting choices we made raising her and her brother. This wasn’t always the case because there were many years she strongly resisted our boundaries.

But now that she is an adult, I would say we are more than mother and daughter—honestly, she is one of my best friends.

Admittedly, she is not a parent. However, she is highly perceptive and reflective. Remember what I said about her studying people; she knows us better than anyone.

In this episode of Parenting Life, Alex shares her views on her experiences in moving 3,000 miles away for college, her favorite and not-so-favorite memories of her childhood, and a few strategies she recommends for preparing children for life after they leave home. Click to listen right under our picture.

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